Marital hope

According to a fluff piece over at CNN (sorry, Ms. Stinchfield, but it is pretty fluffy), marriage is better before kids and after kids leave.

My takeaway:

“A 2008 study found that marital satisfaction actually improves once children leave home. Female participants reported spending equal amounts of time with their partners both while their children lived at home and after, but they noted that the quality of that together time was better once the kids were out of the picture. “Suddenly the tyranny of the children controlling the household is relieved,” says Dr. Robbins. “You don’t have to have dinner at 6, you don’t have to spend Saturdays at the soccer field, and you don’t have to be so responsible all the time.”

So I’m putting out a call to all landlords, employers, and colleges who will take a 3 year old. Please.

4 thoughts on “Marital hope

  1. When you find that person, beg him to take a 7 year old and another 3 year old, too.

    And for us, summer is the “worst” time of year for our marriage. Not only do we have our own kids rattling about, but half the neighborhood is in our backyard as well.

  2. What about a preschooler share? That way we can be parents somedays and wives other days and then just us in between.

  3. Hmmm. I’m going to go consult my experts: my parents, married 31 years. True, they started doing dnace lessons and dancing after I left for college, but then there were still two other kids in the house. I can’t guarantee the results because my dad has been retired for a year, and if one of them doesn’t get a job by fall, I’m grounding them.

  4. Ok. My mom’s belief is every ten years, you need to reinvent your marriage. Yr10= counciling. Yr20=dancing. Yr30= Tim, we need to do something to shoot the romance in the arm. My dad had no comment, but then my mom was in the room. I’ll get back to you on that. P.S. Both agree that they found romance even with three kids running amock in the house.

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