IJ quote of the day 5

The entire section with Kate Gompert is really the quote of the day, in part for its humor and in part for the intense psychic pain. Jesus this is a great section.

“The doctor tool an early clinical gamble and asked Kate whether it might not be easier if she rolled over and say up so that they could spea with each other more normally, face to face.
‘I am sitting up.’
The doctor’s pen was poised. His slow nod  was studious, blandly puzzled-seeming. ‘You mean to say you feel right now as if your body is already in a sitting-up position?’
She rolled an eye up at him for a long moment, sighed meaningfully, and rolled and rose. Katherine Ann Gompert probably felt that here was yet another psych-ward M.D. with zero sense of humor. This was probably because she did not understand the strict methodological limits that dictated how literal he, a doctor, had to be with the admits on the psych ward” (71).