And the parenting award goes to…

Kid, in a 60 degree house, is intoning, over and over, “I’m hot. I’m hot.”

I just hollered “Stop saying that; I don’t care.” Roll out the red carpet, I know I’ve been nominated.

Come on. He’s wearing shortie jammies, he’s on top of the covers. He’s fine.

And he’s been up no fewer than three times (next time gets the door shut completely, so he won’t be up again) to tell me that his friends don’t all fit in the bed. The whole day was about how they, they being Clementine the rabbit, Oliver the dog, Pizza the zebra, Uncle Bear the bear, Madeline the monkey, and Biff the Billy Goat, don’t fit in the dining room chairs and in the small table’s benches, and in the small orifice where I crammed them all by about 5pm.

Now he’s intoning, “Where’s Daddy? Where’s Daddy?”

Man, that kid knows on which side his bread is buttered.

8 thoughts on “And the parenting award goes to…

  1. “Lay still! And close your eyes! You’ll be cooler!” Or at least that’s what my parents yelled when we would yell “I’m hot!” when we were going to bed. I guarantee you it was a lot warmer in that old house. You’re fine.

  2. Move over, Naptime. There’s not enough room for both of us up at this podium to receive the award.

  3. My kids are temperature challenged. They will play outside and be having a heck of a time and never even notice that their arms are blocks of ice. And then I’m all Hey, How Come Noone (meaning the husband) Got A Coat For Them? And he’s all They Didn’t Say They Were Cold. And I’m all Dude, You Have To Check. And he’s all But We Were Playing. And then I’m the Spoilsport, what with my Temperature Bossiness and Stuff.

    So, since Peanut is asking for Daddy, I’d say: Time For The Daddy To Deal With It. ;)

  4. love it.
    @faemom we always tell him if you lie still you’ll chill. He ain’t buying it. We don’t care. Physics is physics.
    @Jen I say give her a down coat. You wanna be hot, I’ll give you hot, little girl.
    @ck Are you calling me fat?
    @kw rotflmao mostly because I keep the wire hangers in EVERY closet just in case.
    @Ink yeah, what is with being bad cop all the time just because we’re responsible.

    All I’m saying is, on a cold day, though we don’t have AC, if I’m in sweats it means the house is in the low 60s. And you’re not hot. Shut up and go to sleep.
    Daddy? Daaaadddy!

  5. Unfortunately, we never bought it either.
    Evan is always “hot” too. I have to turn his pillow to let him “cool down.” This happens in the winter too. So I feel your pain.

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