IJ quote of the day 4

Infinite Summer is not even one week old. We’re barely 50 pages in. Join us in reading David Foster Wallace’s novel this summer.

“He [Gately] kept his big square chin up and his smile wide, but he bowed neither toward nor away from any man. He took zero in the way of shit and was a cheery but implacable exponent of the Don’t-Get-Mad-Get-Even school” (55).

Ah, Gately, I’ve missed you.

2 thoughts on “IJ quote of the day 4

  1. Up this morning early, primarily to read IJ. Thought I’d knock out a good portion but spent a good deal of time reading footnote #39 b (see note 304 sub.), which led me down a rabbit path of information.

    Favorite word this AM: stelliforming

  2. Ah, yes, the enfante terrible and AFR endnote of 5+ pages in three parts, one of which is a single line and another just three lines.

    Gotta love this book.

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