IJ quote of the day 6

Eeking in just below the spoiler line today:

“The thing with Schtitt: like most Europeans of his generation, anchored from infancy to certain permanent values which—yes, OK, granted—may, admittedly, have a whiff of proto-fascist potential about them, but which do, nevertheless (the values), anchor nicely the soul and course of a life—Old World patriarchal stuff like honor and discipline and fidelity to some larger unit—Gerhardt Schtitt does not so much dislike the modern O.N.A.N.ite U.S. of A. as find it hilarious and frightening at the same time” (82).

Dang, man, ain’t that the truth about subsidized time and Entertainment.

Go read Ininite Jest.

2 thoughts on “IJ quote of the day 6

  1. It was too soon for me to restart on IJ, but you should know I’m living vicariously through your quotes. Do they do Infinite Summer every year?

  2. Hey, D. This Infinite Summer is a first. A sense that just not enough people were reading it, and the guy who conceived of the whole thing wanted people to realize how manageable it could be if you just average 10pp a day.
    You can read the boards and comment, for there are discussions about the whole book, and about just the day’s reading limit. infinitesummer.org and find the forum at http://infinitesummer.org/forums/index.php
    I figured it would be too soon for you. *You* should know I’m glad you’re reading and posting so much lately, because I’m adding most of your referrals to my stack for fall.

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