Carved in Stone

Saw the opening night performance of Carved in Stone in Hollywood last night and was amazed. I have a crush on every one of the five lead performers. Acting choices were strong, avoiding the obvious risk for overacting that arises when such characters get a new chance onstage. Staging was fine. Script by Jeffrey Hartgraves is great, and although I’d trim a line or two here and there, there are more that I want to write out and paste to my refrigerator. What a monumental effort by everyone, from producers to stage management.

It was beyond fabulous to see old friends. I can’t believe how long it has been, how sweet they are, and how rueful I feel that it took so long to see them. I love those guys.

And I am so amazed that all  three of them are following their dreams and working hard to make their art a reality. Two are just beyond impressive. One, of course, is pretending to be a rockstar dickhead, so I won’t feed his ego by saying anything except that it is quite an accomplishment to get all the cheese stains out of his clothes. That seems like a major achievement.

And only one thing would have made the night even better. As lovely as it was to catch up on old times with my date, and it was, it would have been unsurpassedly cool to be there with Spouse. Yet even without him, as Uncle Charlie says, I wanna do it  again. It was a great night out, raw food vegan cheesecake and all.

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