I don’t wanna

I’d love to write an erudite post about how the online community is reading Infinite Jest this summer, and how I welcome their inertia so I can undertake Read Number Two. http://infinitesummer.org/archives/215

But I’m just wiped out.

I’d like to enjoy my trip with family to do one thousand things with old friends  while Spouse attends to business. But I’m just too tired.

I’d love to be witty and silly and roll my eyes about how hard parenting is. But I just can’t find the energy right now.

Geez.  I’m not able to be a poser, an activity director, or a snarky whiner? That must be some serious exhaustion. Borne of only three nights of pint-sized knees in my back, A/C wars with Spouse, and running around from place to place trying not to keep the Tazmanian Devil in a hotel room for more than 30 minutes at a time.

and we’re here for another two days…

3 thoughts on “I don’t wanna

  1. I think perhaps you are a bit hard on yourself…I think perhaps you might be a little distracted by the fact that your first novel is being shipped off and read by DFW’s agent!!!!!!! Obviously, still peeing myself over here! xoxo

  2. I think you need your on vacation. Or a nap. Or some liquor. Or some chocolate. :-) (P.S. I wrote liquor twice, does that mean something?)

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