It’s official…

The single reason my son is a terror and I am a writhing mess:  lack of sleep.

I suspected it, but thought there might be greys and nuances and spectra. Nope. He slept through the night last night, and I got a full eight hours uninterrupted by cat or child or snores (you know who you are) or trains. And I was a peach today. So was my kid. We had a grand old time. He told me this was his best day ever. He’s three. He should know.

Don’t know how to decree an official mandate on sleep, but I right now hold aloft my sword and declare this family will commence giving me nights like that every night for-freaking-ever more.

Else rue the day.

As they have been for years.

5 thoughts on “It’s official…

  1. Yeah…I’ll just have drinks ready in case that was a fluke.

    Sorry, I’m just bein’ sh*tty because I’m jealous. My 4 year-old got up 3 times last night. SHE’S four! This is inexcusable.

  2. eight hours ALRIGHT! congrats, nappy! that rules. and now you have proof. do exactly what you did last night. what was the secret?! find out!!!

  3. @ck: have the drinks ready, because either our first night of sleep in three years was a fluke, or your four-year-old’s inexcusable behavior is permanent, because the universe won’t let us both be happy. As Ralph Wiggums would say, “That’s unpossible.”
    @J: I wish I knew what we did. Three years without seep means I can’t remember what I did ten minutes ago, let alone a whole day…
    @faemom: Stay strong, mama. I once made my pediatrician swear there was nobody in his practice,nor had there ever been, who was still waking several times a night at age 7. He vowed that was true. He told me the toughest cases settle by about 4. Small consolation for those who don’t have time machines. HEY…’nother business idea there…

  4. Ok, I’m late to the party here but woohoo on a full night’s sleep! Could NOT be more excited for you…

    And starrification for “rue the day” usage.

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