To whomever found my blog yesterday by searching Google for the phrase “when things feel out of control,” know you are not alone.

I cannot count the times I have Googled “good god what have I done,” and “ideas for doing things a lot differently than I am right now,” and “help I’m going to kill my husband or kid or both,” and “what if I can’t make it through today,” and the like. I have even contemplated buying URLs for a support group of people like us: is available as is http://www.someonepleasefindmeasittersoIdon’ and

Most of the people reading this blog empathize with you. We would all gladly share stories of when we felt so out of control we thought the answer, if there was one, might be at the end of a terrified web search. And we all made it through to mock our own lives another day.

I hope you found something in your search that made you feel better that a lot of life is out of control, and that nothing can get you through like taking each minute as you can, however you can, and praying to whatever quantum physical force you think might listen to please, please let me make it through this hour.

Best of luck, and I hope something I wrote at least made you laugh yesterday. I makes me sad that I can’t find you through all those anonymous stats, just to tell you everything will be okay. I hope someone tells you that. It will be. I think.

3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. You are so sweet…even to anonymous seekers out there in the world. That’s really good karma.

  2. I think the raw honestly of this blog makes it the very perfect spot to land when one has a need like that.

    I, for one, am really glad you’re posting more these days.

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