CNN thinks it’s groovy to leave a job for another job, but not to parent.

So this article beatifies those who leave a lucrative career to follow their gut. The people profiled left jobs with great benefits for…other jobs.

There is no mention of the hundreds of thousands of women leaving really good jobs to make a difference in their children’s lives. Those, for instance, who leave simulating and lucrative careers in advertising to be more useful to society as the parent of a decent human being. Or the child-free idealists who leave corporate america to teach or be a voice for the voiceless.

Apparently, leaving because your gut tells you to raise your own kid or save the world doesn’t count as news. Way to show your priorities, Turner Corporate.

3 thoughts on “CNN thinks it’s groovy to leave a job for another job, but not to parent.

  1. Didn’t you know? In American culture parenting is a hobby. The more you let it interfere with your real life interacting with the real world, the lamer you are. According to mainstream common sense, stay-at-home moms are like the ultimate in flagrant luxury… or laziness, depending on the critic.

    Or at least this is the conclusion I’ve reached after 16 years of listening to their drivel while being a parent.

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