Does any part of my life belong to me?

Peanut and I were playing near each other, he tatooing himself and me pretending that burning mix-CDs is like making mix tapes. It might not be as difficult to accomplish, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

So he comes over and tell me he wants to color on me. I’m usually game for that, and we have a rule in the house that you can color on paper or skin, but that’s it. And that if you want to color someone else, you have to ask. So he asked, and I said no.

And he grabbed my arm, gently, and said, “I want to,” and started an elaborate Celtic blob on my forearm. And I almost cried.

Don’t I get to have a say even about my own body? He’s always crying and telling Spouse, “It’s my body, you can’t grab my body or push my body, Daddy!”

Well don’t I get the same respect?

On big things, yes. On art, I guess not. And that’s okay 99% of the time, but today it felt like a violation. I give you everything kid. Can’t you freaking leave me out of your blue and purple fest today?

“Round here, we talk just like lions, but we sacrifice like lambs.”

4 thoughts on “Does any part of my life belong to me?

  1. I can relate. Today it wasn’t about control over my body but control over time, but I think it feels similar. This morning I got up extra early, made myself coffee, and started in on some work I’d really been looking forward to. Five minutes into it my daughter decided she’d get up early too. Sigh. I think sometimes we just need a little bit more space and autonomy than we get… not much, just a bit.

  2. i know! Evan was whining the other day “mommy, mommy, mommy” And I said that’s it. No more. And then I felt like a fool. My mom warned me that “mommy” was going to be a word I hate.

  3. no, naptime. none of your life belongs to you. maybe some of it can belong to you, but first every single person needs a huge hunk to gnaw on. once your husband, child/ren, cat/s, and whoever else wants a piece, if there is one bloody bit left, you best grab it, ‘cuz one of your friends or neighbors will be looking for some, too. i can relate.

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