Word geekage

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ad campaign to move people back to the paper OED from the, in my opinion, indefensible online OED.

The logophile in me rejoices. The linguist in me joins the fight. The inveteratist in me sighs with relief. The keleusmatic in me appreciates the opportunity. And the marketing professional in me applauds.

Choose a word falling into disuse. Adopt it. Use it with impunity. Save the words while you can.

This week in mass confusion

Peanut: Mommy, I’m making duds. Do you know what a “dud” is?
Me: Something that doesn’t work?
P: No. Something that works really well. Not “dud.” “Duds.”


P: Mommy, do you know what “mashed” means?
M: Smushed?
P: No. Something that is really working. Mashed. Really working well.


P: I’m doing a mash.
M: Oh. Does that still mean you’re doing something well?
P: Yup. It’s so mashed it’s not going to be terribled.

Oh my heavens, I think my many careers in words and wordsmithing might be over. Clearly I don’t understand words as well as I think I do.