This week in mass confusion

Peanut: Mommy, I’m making duds. Do you know what a “dud” is?
Me: Something that doesn’t work?
P: No. Something that works really well. Not “dud.” “Duds.”


P: Mommy, do you know what “mashed” means?
M: Smushed?
P: No. Something that is really working. Mashed. Really working well.


P: I’m doing a mash.
M: Oh. Does that still mean you’re doing something well?
P: Yup. It’s so mashed it’s not going to be terribled.

Oh my heavens, I think my many careers in words and wordsmithing might be over. Clearly I don’t understand words as well as I think I do.

8 thoughts on “This week in mass confusion

  1. I think we have here is a dialectical difference. Perhaps he is becoming a tiny Brit. If he calls the trunk of the car a boot, you’ll know for sure.

    Also, is this a good time to tell you that I have a little something for you (looks down shyly, kicks at dirt) on my blog: // ?

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