That which doesn’t kill you…

Spouse out of town for  five days.

My mom out of town for six days.

About one hour after they left, week three growth spurt began (a little late, which is not shocking, given the child in question). Feedings every hour ’round the clock.  Now entering day three of that super sweet milestone.

Peanut on a collision course with logic and basic social mores.

No chocolate in the house.

A month overdue on a client project.

At least the new washing machine works (oh, sure, did I mention the old one died on day seven of newborn at home?). The fridge is full of food other people made for us. The growth spurt has to end, as does Peanut’s rebellion. 2666 is almost done. The weather’s nice, the garden’s growing, and I can only feel about 20 of my dozens of stitches right now.

The weekend is clearly on its way up, right?