Hey, lookit!

This article on the data that online companies have on us, and how they use it, is super creepy.

I assumed at some level that if I searched ideas for fiction or client work that Google would collect those searches and assume I was deranged. Turns out, they’ll also sell that information to Deranged Stores R Us to try to sell me some stuff that deranged novelists and branding types like. And that my credit card company may take the search information and say “that’s it. You’re cut off. You haven’t sold the last novel; why would we give you credit while you write the next one?” I knew it was probably happening, but now I’m really creeped out.

Read more about how your online “likes” and purchases are shaping what Corporate America sells you, who employs you, and how companies treat you. Then take your anti-SOPA energy and go advocate for data mining and sales laws.

Thanks, Google

Dozens of people have found this blog by searching “what is ambivalent parent?”

So nice to be the poster child for something. Even if it’s as the answer to a grammatically incorrect question.

Even if it’s an inaugural post from three years ago.

Maybe Google+ could rewrite the question for them. “Who is ambivalent parent?” “What is ambivalent parenting?” “How does one adore their own children yet want to run screaming from the building?”