Thanks, Google

Dozens of people have found this blog by searching “what is ambivalent parent?”

So nice to be the poster child for something. Even if it’s as the answer to a grammatically incorrect question.

Even if it’s an inaugural post from three years ago.

Maybe Google+ could rewrite the question for them. “Who is ambivalent parent?” “What is ambivalent parenting?” “How does one adore their own children yet want to run screaming from the building?”

8 thoughts on “Thanks, Google

  1. LOL, at least you are the authority on something. I am always surprised at some of the search words that lead to people.

  2. Poor grammar aside, I’m glad that you’re the poster child for “ambivalent parent.” Because that post on ambivalent parenting is genius, and honest, and awesome.

  3. Oh, CK, that’s just awesome. At least you wrote it and they found you. My regret is stuck in my head. Yours has been articulated and set free into the Interwebs, where it will only win you friends and influence people. Teach me, oh Master of the Brick Wall Imprinted Forehead.

  4. Seek and ye shall find…Glad to have found you, and for the record, I DID NOT Google…Ambivelence in parenting goes hand in hand with sleep deprivation…

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