Ben and Jerry’s newest flavor

I would buy two gallons of B&J’s newest flavor if they sold it out here.

It’s called “Spouse and Child Go to Santa Cruz So I Can Work on Major Revisions to My Novel (Near a Well Stocked Fridge)”.

It’s pure heaven. I got the only pint they ever made, and I’m savoring every teaspoonful.

Seriously, if Ben and Jerry made an ice cream called “Silence” I would buy it without checking the ingredients. And that’s saying a lot for the Michael Pollan in me.

(I do know, as a copyeditor and English professor that the period should go inside the quotation marks, but that doesn’t make sense to me. The punctuation applies to the sentence, not the flavor name, so I want it outside the quotes. Call me British, but I’m over fabricated American grammar and punctuation rules I don’t agree with. Yup. Prepositional end to that idea, baby. Cuz I’m wacky and wild while the men in my life are gone.)