Ben and Jerry’s newest flavor

I would buy two gallons of B&J’s newest flavor if they sold it out here.

It’s called “Spouse and Child Go to Santa Cruz So I Can Work on Major Revisions to My Novel (Near a Well Stocked Fridge)”.

It’s pure heaven. I got the only pint they ever made, and I’m savoring every teaspoonful.

Seriously, if Ben and Jerry made an ice cream called “Silence” I would buy it without checking the ingredients. And that’s saying a lot for the Michael Pollan in me.

(I do know, as a copyeditor and English professor that the period should go inside the quotation marks, but that doesn’t make sense to me. The punctuation applies to the sentence, not the flavor name, so I want it outside the quotes. Call me British, but I’m over fabricated American grammar and punctuation rules I don’t agree with. Yup. Prepositional end to that idea, baby. Cuz I’m wacky and wild while the men in my life are gone.)

18 thoughts on “Ben and Jerry’s newest flavor

  1. My freezer is currently packed with pints of “Jealousy Jubilee” and “Heavenly Hash Headaches.”

    I’m coming over. I like your flavors better.

  2. I would love to order one pint of “A Whole Day Without Any Mention of Sports” if there’s one left.

    Hope your work is going well and is enjoyable, too!

  3. Organic! Unfortunately, I got the only pint they ever made. Maybe a special request?
    Ink, even *I* couldn’t find one of those today. It’s as though sports went knocking on every door, even on those who (raising hand) could not feasibly care any less and are actually quite irritated by the whole thing. Sigh. Maybe swirling vanilla and chocolate while holding fingers in your years and yodeling works for that?

  4. Good For You! Savor it. Can’t wait to hear more about the book.

    Now, I need a few pints of “One of us Better Get A Job NOW So I Can Move Out!”

  5. O MY! how long the distractions gone for? take a bath! a four hour bath! eat more silence ice cream then take another bath! screw the book. stare at a wall! i would give everything i have for a weekend alone in my house. it will never, ever happen.

  6. I’ll hold out for a pint of the J inspired flavor “A Weekend Alone In Your Own Home” – now THAT has a nice ring to it! But your flavor, albeit a tad more complex, suits you to a t! Enjoy!

  7. Seriously, we all need to get j a job with B&J because that *does* sound good. It was a grand (I refuse to say only) 8 hours.
    Maybe when j gets that job she can hook up bloginsong with the employment and the rest of us with the confections of our dreams.

  8. I DREAM of the day I will be alone in my house and not have to CLEAN IT before I can sit down. And work on a novel, too? With food nearby? That is too much to dream of, actually. I’m glad someone is living it.

  9. Jen, I had to tell myself, OUT LOUD…twice…not to mop. I never mop. But it was so quiet and I was so happy; and I loved the cleaning procrastination as a real person all those years ago that I thought…no, no, no. No mopping. And I didn’t.
    I showered twice, though. Cuz the whole day felt that sinful. Don’t tell the planet. Drained the water heater each time.

  10. I’m totally fine with you being a grammar rebel. You know what you’re doing unlike other idiots. And now I want ice cream. And no one to get it for me. And the boys are sleeping. Damn you, naptime, damn you. :-p

  11. Totally in agreement that the period should be outside the quotation mark. I always thought that was a stupid rule.

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