Will you give me a nickel if I just post all the stuff in my draft folder? One draft a day? For 143 days? (Yes, seriously. I’m a hoarder, hypercritical of my writing, and used to be prolific. Put ’em all together and whaddya got? Well…143 drafts, that’s what. Pretty sure I just said that. Try to pay closer attention. For once, this is a short post.)

During my first National Blog Post Writing Month (which is actually easier to type out than to abbreviate NaBloPoWriMo because the latter fights every bit of my literal and linear mind) I threatened to dig out old drafts and polish them up for posting.

But that was when I blogged several times a week. Now that I’m down to twice a year, or so, I’m looking for anything to kickstart my writing again.


How about that nickel?

9 thoughts on “Promise?

  1. You know you’d be hard pressed to buy yourself lunch with a nickle for each…:) You need to negotiate that up a bit.
    Seriously, 143 drafts? You’re much too hard on yourself. Just start posting the drafts with a little cleanup and you’ll feel much better….:) Or, (horrors) you can just delete some..:)

  2. I think you are far too hard on yourself too. We all are, right? I think the key to posting is to just take a leap of faith and post – even if you think it might not polished enough. And, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

  3. Shit, I’ll give you a dime! A SHINY DIME! Send me my Nappy update email and I’ll send you one thin dime. Used to buy a phone call, and now it buys an email. Not so different, though a bit less germy than a payphone. Hurry! Fall approaches. I could be buried under 20 feet of snow soon and unable to move my arthritic paws to click the inbox button….

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