Okay. Enough.

So I’ve recalibrated, and held fish (to remove their unwanted hooks and slide them back into the water), stopped to listen, and focused on a new pace.

And I’m done.

I don’t do relax well. I don’t do chill well.

I tried. I found stuff. Here are photos.

Now can I go back to wifi and deadlines and alarm clocks?

I mean, I don’t need to go back to back-to-back meetings. Or traffic

But have I earned my chill badge? I mean, seriously, I photographed hummingbirds for an hour. Surely that’s some kind of Type A record?


I’ve followed the kids as they invent things to do. And I eavesdropped and read while keeping them in earshot.

But I’m powering through Franzen, with all the frustration that involves. (Seriously, ugh with that guy and his hatred for his characters.) And I’m only running two miles a day, back and forth between the driveway and the almost-fence-line, because out here everyone has property-possessive and stranger-averse dogs.

So I photograph a lot. I mentioned that?


Cool, right?

Now please give back my email.

7 thoughts on “Okay. Enough.

    • Yeah, I didn’t realize until I got there, that when your wifi is satellite, there are very tight controls on how much data you use. No streaming. No FaceTime. Music and ebook reading all offline mode.
      Don’t get me wrong…I did a lot of offline-mode reading and listening. And it was VERY nice to be disconnected from work. But…

  1. I get it…I SO get it! We’ve just returned from a 5 day vacation with VERY limited access and the first thing I did was turn on the computer!

    • I realize it’s a drug, I realize I have things I’m interested in that make me feel connected. But…there are movies and music and books and people online!

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