Kittens. I lose.


Two feline brothers sitting alap the eldest human brother. I’m soooo outnumbered.

No names yet. A whopping two pounds each, fresh from the local shelter.

The kittens adore the boys wild, loud, and subdued. The boys adore the kittens awake, asleep, and playful.

And while the kittens are in their own room, learning the house slowly, I’m very happy with this new development.

Call me next week when the tree is decorated and the kittens have run of the house and we’ll see.

9 thoughts on “Kittens. I lose.

  1. Aww… they are so cute. In my case, only the arrival of mice could entice me to buy cats (saved from a local shelter that has a high kill rate). But once we got the cats, they quickly won my favor. (And got rid of two mice, thus earning their keep.) I had no idea I was a cat person until I got two cats. Now, they are my favorites and our dog has become much more of a chore than a companion.

    Congrats on your two new companions. I love them from all the way over here.

  2. Alright. They’re adorable. Maybe you can have rye and kittens. If you don’t have to deal with litter, why the hell not? No shit! Congratulations. No shame necessary. Those fluffy beasts deserve peanut butter love!

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