We’re coming to get you

One, two, free, eight, nine ten, leven, telve, firteen, eighteen, nineteen, tenty, one, tentytwo, tentyfree, tentyeight, tentynine, tentyagain, ready or not here we come!


(this is actually where they hid from me on a recent hide-and-seek hike…)

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10 thoughts on “We’re coming to get you

  1. Wow, those kids are adventurous! I love hiking and rock climbing, and I love the way little kids say big words. My five-year-old still says “besgetti” for spaghetti.

    • Oh, how I love kid mispronunciations. A reader months ago commented that her son thought for years that they had to follow the speed lemon.

      Still my favorite, perhaps of all time. Speed lemon, indeed.

    • It will probably be my favorite photo forever, because they have a very strained relationship, and this was a hike of intense caring and big-brotherly patience after a “when you and your friends run away from him it breaks his heart, so please put him on your team and join forces to run away from the grownups” talk.

  2. In all my years of teaching, when we took kids out to physically challenging places such as this, you never heard, “I can’t” and only heard, “grab my hand” or “put your foot there”. Suddenly all the petty disagreements fall away and they are on a mission to accomplish the task at hand. Beautiful picture!

    • We rarely stay inside and try to get out right after breakfast every day. Outside there are fewer fights, and away from streets and cars there are even fewer.

      I wish school were held on trails.

    • So sorry to laugh at that, but every time I get melancholy about how stinking hard toddlers nd moody young boys can be, someone with teenagers wakes me up. Car keys will be locked in my bra drawer. ;-)

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