Can I come visit you?

Butter was fighting bedtime. We sat on the rocking chair in the dark near to a sleeping Peanut. It wasn’t that late, and though I was tired, he was being adorable as only a post-darkness, non-tantruming two-year-old can be.

Me: Butterbean, when you are grown up are you going to live somewhere else or are you going to stay with Mommy?
B: (exasperated) I don’t know.
M: …
B: I know. I live snow blower guy.
M: With the snow blower guy?
B: Yeah. Snow blower guy. Lot o ladies. Lot o mans.
M: Oh.
B: Yeah. Mommy come back o lot. Daddy come back o lot.
M: We can come back to visit?
B: Yeah. Mommy come back o lot. Daddy come back o lot. Cat come back…cat make ice cream?
M: Can the cat make ice cream?
B: Yeah. Cat make o lot ice cream. Snow blower guy o lot ice cream. Mommy o lot ice cream. Daddy o lot ice cream. Peanut o lot ice cream. Butter o lot o lot of ice cream.
M: That’s nice of the cat to make so much ice cream.
B: Yeah. Snow blower guy like cat.

Well, sure. I can see why.

8 thoughts on “Can I come visit you?

  1. I think “Oh” pretty much covers it. I also use “Interesting” as a good general response with my own son. Seems more appropriate than “WTF?”

    But seriously, I greatly enjoy attempting to follow a two-year-old’s train of thought. Which mostly seems to be often derailed. It’s the most amusing part of my day.

  2. So that’s what cats are for.
    Mine is currently genius at elaborate logic circle dances. “Well, I want that dress, and so I want it, and so you should get it because I want it, all right?”

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