It’s like cleaning closets, only better

I have never looked at the tally in my blog where the little elves in the computer tabulate how many posts I have and how many … drumroll … drafts I have.

Drafts? What? You mean I’ve done some of the work already and have only to polish and publish?

Well, sign me up. There are, according to the WordPress computer, 109 posts I never finished. Cool! I don’t have to think of a new post for, like, 109 days!

The stats are either disheartening (if I feel that 109 false starts is a bit too many to have abandoned) or impressive (if I check my batting average: 900+ published and 100+ just languishing, ignored).

Ten percent waiting, frustrated sounds about right. In fact, that ratio is almost exactly like my to-do list when I finally give up on the mess and start a new list, dutifully transferring the 10% left uncrossed, pristinely written weeks before and totally snubbed.

The lowly items on my to-do list that are transferred every time and then left sheepishly wringing their hands, all alone, should get their own special list. They’re not moving to my To-Don’t List, because the forgotten and ignored items are not bad ideas or wastes of time. They’re just never gonna happen.

To that list I’m now adding, “Read through old drafts and decide what should be edited and posted.”

There. I just spared you 109 hair-brained ideas, snarky whining, and categorical evidence of either poor behavior from my offspring, or poor behavior toward my offspring.

You’re welcome.

9 thoughts on “It’s like cleaning closets, only better

    • Of course! Friday means a lot to those who work M-F, but a whole different thing to parents.

      OR, my favorite default, holiday panic. September means almost October which means almost November (you get the picture.)

      OR, Libya, Syria, human rights, famine, drought, swine flu.

      Funny things your kids said? Meal successes or failures? Joy? Frustration?

      Or take the day off. It’s just blogging. ;-)

  1. I love that you have all of those drafts. I tend to get an idea and can’t move on until it gets completed, which often puts many days in between posts. I may have to try your method. On the other hand, I think I do sort of the same thing, but in my head. I’ll “write” something during a heated moment, and if we are all lucky, i wont have time to get to the computer to post it before I’ve calmed down and realized its silliness and melodrama. Which makes me wonder if I will one day i will look back on this entire past year’s worth of posts and realize their silliness and melodrama?

    • All of life is silliness and melodrama.

      I tend to write something, quickly read through, and hit post. I don’t stew or think or really even edit. But it seems (I have actually gone back and read a few of the drafts) that I have a post almost done, get distracted, and completely forget it’s there.

      There are also quite a few November and January Seasonally Affected posts that the world does not need.

  2. I know you have a juicy rant in those 109 somewhere. Spike the punch, lockdown the kiddos, and go back and read those doozies for your own enjoyment. It’s all better than the crap on teevee, with and without the beverage enhancement.

    Your “unwritten novel” is a “novel in progress”… :)

    • Sweet, sassy unicorn.
      I’ll find you a rant. You deserve one for calling all three of the unwritten novels works in progress.

      To be honest, the political climate has beaten me down so badly I don’t know if there’s any rant energy left in me. But I’ll try. As Gin and Tonic are my witnesses, I’ll try.

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