My heart is broken and the sheen has gone off this glorious season of sun and school-less freedom.

Why? Today Butter said, “okay.”

No big deal to you, I know.

But for six months he has said, “Haykoe.” It was an adorable, dyslexic, mirror image of okay that I found so delicious I asked him several times each day if he was okay just to hear that yes, in fact, he was haykoe.

But now he’s just okay.


Well, poop. It’s the beginning of the end.

25 thoughts on “Okay

    • Sanstrousers, I still try to get my eldest to use yestertime in conversation. He dropped it around age 4, and it killed the poetry in our house.
      Turn your head around is giggle-inducingly cute. And as inefficient as anything I’ve ever heard. ;-)

  1. I keep turning on the audio recorder in my iPhone to catch them prattling. It’s a very inadequate way to keep them from gwoing up.
    Oh, man, now _that_ was a Freudian typo.

    • How smart would it be to record them! Damn it, how do I not think of things like that. I’ve videotaped him asking for his zhazees (vitamins) because it’s too adorable to ever forget. But now I need to recreate haykoe for my film archives. Thanks for the idea.

      [AWESOME typo.]

  2. Oh, I know! So sad…the most recent disappearance here was “speed lemon” (which was “1 plus 5” in the school zone).

    • CK, I always follow the speed lemon. Because…you know…citrus puts the fear of incarceration in me.
      Sorry it had to leave. If you want permission to keep saying it even though he doesn’t anymore, I’m happy to issue a certificate or a prescription or whatever you need.

  3. I would get so mad when Sachin would correct the girls’ little “mistakes.” Those little blips are so charming and so short-lived.

    • Correcting pronunciation on toddlers is unforgiveable. Hope you wrote them down, plus the fact that Daddy tried to ruin them. They need to know his sins when they arrive at adulthood with their vocabulary all boring and civilized. ;-)

  4. We were sad to see “tookies” crumble. And “Tawa” became Cawa… then Clawa… finally Clara (although the “r” is still iffy when the little one is in a huwwy).

    • Darn those eventual Rs. I know they’re the last to arrive, but their absence is so freaking cute.
      Peanut couldn’t say Ks, so he ate “tooties” until age 4. So delicious, hobbled cookies.

    • I’d be happy if Peanut would understand it’s a light saber not light saver, but he’s old and I’m a sword kind of person.

  5. I promise i heard him multiple times say his cute version of okay yesterday….i think it must be your ears. Lay down, get up tomorrow, and everything will be back to haykoe. Haykoe?

    Give the kid some popcorn everytime he says haykoe. Pavlov was on to something.

    • Haykoe, unicorn, that sounds like solid psychological reasoning right there.

      Glad you heard the haykoe. Super duper cuteness that probably added three spirals to your horn.

  6. My daughter had two thumbs and eight “thingers” for the longest time. My dad would always correct her and I’d kick him (gently, of course.) I wanted that sweet, lispy cuteness to last forever. It doesn’t. Sigh. As you’ve found out. I just want you to know it’s going to be haykoe. Hugs.

    • Thanks, Jane. I know it’ll be haykoe, but it just seems so dire. At least I have the six-year-old spelling awesome “osim” to keep me going for a while.

  7. My 4YO still calls her bathing suit “bathing soup” and I will weep awith you when she gets it right. (I know I’m probably doing her a disservice at this point by not correcting her, but going to the public pool on a regular basis is bad enough. I NEED my bathing soup!)

    • CK, you should never, ever correct her. Life is cruel if you don’t have bathing soup.

      Today Butter announced that his scooter was in reverse by saying he was “beeping up,” which I’m guessing is backing up and beeping. Or something. And I will never correct him.

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