Soap and croutons

I’m ending my SOPA/PIPA protest because those bills are dead, yo. Banner was cool, thanks to wordpress for making it so easy.

Watching the SOPA funeral feels like the first time I’ve helped create success since my teaching days. As a writing professor I worked hard on critical thinking lessons, and enjoyed watching students have breakthroughs learning to identify logical fallacies. That was nice. Dead SOPA is nice, too. Better, really, since teaching has limited results until they let me teach everyone on the planet.

Now can we get everyone who blacked out for SOPA to protest the U.S. ag/food policy, toxic chemicals, child abuse, overfishing, and croutons, please?

2 thoughts on “Soap and croutons

  1. I remember the croutons banishment! Evil little cube shits.

    Some of my students recently emailed me about stuff I talked about in class last year. I am constantly telling people about issues they know nothing about, or dont understand because the nooz doesnt actually cover anything in depth anymore. I hate coffee talk nooz. I want substance dammit.

  2. Unicorn my stus were so happy to be rid of me they never, ever emailed again. But they wrote better evermore, dagnabit.

    Hey, one of the news stations has substance mandated every morning from headquarters. Don’t follow their idea of substance and you’re fired. Yay for corporate news! You should *totally* check that station out. ;-)

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