Stealing Beauty

Not the movie. I’m mostly stealing posts I found all over the Interwebz during my deliriously happy half-day-by-myself afterglow, which lasted DAYS.

So go read this striking post (to which I hopped after being almost forced by She Suggests) over at Mom 101 about how the grass is definitely way greener. Definitely.

And this post at Momastery about how ignoring tantrums in Target will get you arrested (and how thoughtful parents always save the day). And how, when someone tells her to enjoy every minute of her children, she tells them, “I can’t even carpe fifteen minutes in a row, so a whole diem is out of the question.”

Or this article, a personal favorite, about how academics need to play even more than children need to play. Oh, dang, I misread the headline. It says kids need to play more than they need academics. Stupid Twitter got me all excited that I get to play a bit more. But this is just more about playing instead of studying? I knew that. But now it seems I’m back to thinking I should homeschool. Damn.

6 thoughts on “Stealing Beauty

  1. @tara and that’s what we dig about each other. Can we form a commune and co-school?

    @unicorn I know, right? I so hungry! I so firsty! Shakespearean actors, those critters. Disturbing the whole world’s peace.

  2. Julieg, I am not summoning forces to ban pies. I’m not crazy. Just croutons. Pretty fair, I think, considering the ill will and degeneracy they spur.

    Yuliya, thank you for your wise and enthusiastic support.

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