We now interrupt your regularly scheduled…

Taking a rare shower this morning, I forgot where I was and got lost in the warm rainfall.

Then the door banged open and the toddler (whose father was watching, perched on crutches, just out of view) padded into the bathroom over to the stepstool by the sink.

“Tookatookatooka,” he said, pointing at the empty playdough container and Green Toys tea-set bowl full of mutil-colored fist prints he had just put there. Then he marched back out.

A few moments later he was back, with another empty playdough container. He poured the contents of the bowl into the canister. Then from one trademark yellow cup to another. Then he grabbed the lavender, recycled milk jug bowl and scooped some water from the cat’s dish. He poured that water into the playdough sculptures. Seven tiny, newly competent scoops, seven dumps. In silence.

And then he was gone.

Come on, now. How can I long for solitude when there’s that much cuteness in my house?

7 thoughts on “We now interrupt your regularly scheduled…

  1. “Seven tiny, newly competent scoops, seven dumps. In silence.”

    You are slightly off the haiku. I’ll fix your poetry for you. Didn’t you know you are a playdough poet?!

    Seven tiny new
    Competent Scoops of Playdough
    Seven dumps. In silence.

  2. love it! and, I get it. I have a barely 2 year old and an almost 9 month old. I was longing for some privacy in the bathroom yesterday and realized that this is no longer possible, as my toddler has learned to turn the knob. When he came barging in, i said “Zachary, Mommy really would like some privacy.” His answer was “Ok, I shut the door.” And he proceeded to shut the both of us inside. How kind and how adorable :)

    • Emily, I’m glad you could be alone for a few moments. With your toddler. ;-)
      The first time I had the guts to shower and just leave my 3YO in the living room he kept coming in every 30 seconds to tell me that if I needed him he’d be in the next room. I laughed and laughed and laughed and kind of wished he’d leave me alone. Then laughed some more.

  3. a shower alone. if i could send my young self a message i might add “enjoy taking showers”. just a shower is such a treat, one alone is comparable to a vacation, not that i know what that is, but how i remember it to be. sort of like food shopping alone. i think i would also add to the note: “things will happen you have no idea about, for instance the feelings of freedom a shower or food shopping alone will bring you.”… lol!

  4. Tara, I go to the grocery store at least once a month after the kids are in bed just so I can walk in, and CLOSE MY EYES> Nobody hits anybody or pulls anything down or screams or runs off or gets hurt or gets withering stares. Nobody cares. So I close my eyes. And read labels. And stand still in the silence.
    Cheap fatherf***ing thrills, right?
    I loved showers even when single and unencumbered. When my time was my own I’d exercise and shower regularly. And read. Ah, how I’d read. Not just a page at a time but for HOURS until I wanted to be done And…now I’m just depressed. Gotta go.

  5. Super cute. Now I know why I read all these blogs. Long gone are those days for me but I can live vicariously through you all.

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