Best spam ever.

“Just have actually present your blog post reverse thus i carry without a doubt felt enjoying consider this method around a typical. Along at the base have access to a numerous ideas the following well, i savour watch for until this planet wide working experience necessary. Take all the outstanding career!”

Nicely said, spammer.

10 thoughts on “Best spam ever.

    • @Kitch I never get penis enhancing offers. Must be the complete lack of penis references on my blog? Or a good spam filter from wordpress that catches all the dick talk? Don’t know.

  1. Is it just me, or do you have to be on some penis-enhancing drugs to understand this? maybe I just need to be “at the base have access to a numerous ideas the following well.”

    I agree. They need to send a picture for us dimwits like me…

    Thanks for the giggle, Nap…

  2. Don’t be jealous, but “dadospomb” hit me up with this one today…

    “In gape at to anyone who has debouchment in potential the anxiety underneath the old bill, it can be consummately a struggling to mentor the appetency and not to binge at the excessive of food. Charmed, you do not deficiency to starve yourself equitable to produce into the unpromised quality a fuse of carry buy xenical online. There are predestined bread which approve avoirdupois annihilation achievable alongside originate the calibration at which your beau monde char calory. In which crate, it can rear an impel deterioration, precincts tonnage calumniation a possibility. The overstrain of this article is to offering some of these wonderful food.”

    I’ve tried three times to just read it. And all three times my eyes refused to get past the second line.

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