You keep using that word…

…I do not think it means what you think it means.

Peanut: I’m wearing my hunting hat.

Me: [thinking: Dear gawd, no! Please tell me you are hunting blueberries or something] What makes it a hunting hat?

P: Oh, you know. It has pockets…for when I find trash in the forest…and pick it up.

M: Oh. [Phew.]
Also, what kind of trash fits into a 5 year old’s hat pocket?]

P: Not like collecting because I wouldn’t keep it; but collecting like collecting it all together to put in the trash.

M: I see.

P: Because nobody likes garbage in the forest.

M: No, they don’t.

P: [long pause] A hunting hat.

11 thoughts on “You keep using that word…

  1. I left a comment before as CK. But Ink is back, baby.

    Also? I think I need a garbage collecting hat.

  2. @letmestart yes, it does. He greatly exaggerates the potential of collecting trash in the one, tiny pocket on the hat. But it’s a lovely idea.

    @Ink I’m pretty sure the last thing you need is a garbage collecting wardrobe. I think you collect enough figurative crap in your department that you need a garbage repelling hat.

  3. Tee hee! And I find you to be *highly* amusing, too. Everything you say, I smile and take a picture.

    Ok, I borrowed that last line from someone who described her defense that way but it was a good saying and I’ve always wanted to use it.

  4. damn kids, they’re always throwing the thing we’re trying to ignore or keep them from being damaged by, in our faces. my thing 1 has a pick up trash thing going too, he always brings his net kayaking so he can “rescue the trash and the fishes from it”. maybe we should worry about them being too worried about the earth? in like a “why bother to excel in life if the world is just going to end? who wants to live on this trash heap anyway?” kind of way. you have time to worry, right? add it to the list. ;)

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