We don’t know yet which kindergarten Peanut is going to attend.

We don’t know yet what to do with our days this summer.

We don’t know if we’re staying in this new place, which we quite like but which is bleeding us dry.

We don’t know if Butter is signing “Dad” or “cow” or “horse” until he moooooooooos.

That usually clears it up.

11 thoughts on “Discombobulated

  1. (((((Nap))))) Soon you WILL know the answers to those things. And you will look back at this state of flux and say give me some glittery stickers because I kicked that confusion’s ass with my ninja decision-making skills.

    (If it makes you feel any better, know that we, too, are going through the stay? move? stay? move? issue. But not the Other Things. I can’t even imagine having Other Things on top of that. Hugs x 1000.)

  2. nobody knows anything. and our parents were just pretending to know stuff so we could get here and realize they were just faking it too.

  3. Know what else? Not knowing and being generally confused and discontented bores people. And nobody comments on lame blog posts that honestly reveal discombobulation. Not that I need anyone’s validation. But I dig that Inky and Tara are there for me. When I’m famous and rich, they’ll get theirs, Interwebs. And the rest of you will be sad you ignored me in my hour of wtf. So there.

  4. Life is full of too many options, some days.
    Mooing usually sorts things out for us too. How can we have two highly articulate toddlers and then one who just makes noises?

  5. Oh Nap…not ignoring…drowning in my own WTF’s and decisions for far too many elderly family members…Throw some sparkly stickers my way, will you, please?

  6. AHAHAHAH! *holds up an L to my forehead*

    Nap, get used to disappointment!!!!!LOL!!!!

    Confession. When I read the title of your post, all I saw was “Disco Bob”… the cuckoo has officially landed on my shoulder. If it says Moo instead of Coo Coo, I’m soo totally fucked.

    Dudette, I have boxes. I have shit to pack. I have a place I want to go to. I HAVE NO FREAKIN JOB YET.

    I applied for jobs where I have to answer wtf questions like “do you talk back to your supervisors?” um, Yes, I talk back to those assholes. “would you leave a job without another job lined up?” um, Yes… take this job and shove it. “how was your attendance record for the past year”… um, I attended every yoga class. (am I gonna get sent to detention?) I have a FUCKEN PHD. ASK ME ABOUT THAT U WANKERS!

    So, I’m studying for certification in something that has alot of jobs available. Some of the jobs are where I want to be, alot are close to there. I can’t believe I have to take another dogdamn test. I swore off those fuckers years ago.

  7. @Maria glittery stickers in an envelope of chocolate and tawny port. All I can say, since your decisions are much more fraught and angst ridden and hard and real is: hang in there. One day this year will feel easy. Maybe it’s tomorrow!

    @jc as you listed the question I was already screaming, for you “wanna ask about research or teaching or dissertation or anything else actually useful?” Asshats. Asshattery. You’re moving with no job, jc? Mazel tov. All the best people I know on this friggin planet have jumped without a net and they’re doing almost as well as I know you will. Like with a job that pays you and respects you and is not tainted by politics or stupidity or crappiness. Good luck. Now tell me if I send the Batmobile to your old address or new.

  8. I keep a matchbox Batmobile in my safe. For real. I’ve had it my whole life. My grammy gave it to me for my 1st birthday. I cried when I found it in the fire rubble. It’s beat up, but still works.

    I need one of those fancy utility belts for ziplining. Damn the safety nets. And I’m following the bat signal to the place I call home. Holy cow, I’m freaked, Nap.

  9. @karyn it’s a great phase but DANG they’re haed to understand.

    @jc I have nothing pre-fire except that which was at someone else’s house. And those things I’ve now locked in the safe. The boys have a Matchbox batmobile, banged up but magic, for your journey. Old or new; I’ll send it. Grammy’s can stay safe and Peanut n Butter’s can be good luck on your desk.

  10. Nap and JC, Can I just say that I’m watching your conversation and thinking it’s a time for a group hug? C’mon now. Ink says so. *hhhhhuuuuuuugggggggg*

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