Superhero powers

The metamorphosis of a superhero:

Me: Peanut, come up for lunch, please.
P: Can’t. I’m working on a map of Rexington D.C.
M: Rexington D.C.?
P: Yep.

P: Here it is. The picture of Rexing D.C.
M: Rexing D.C., eh?
P: No. [articulating as though I’m learning the language] Ruxing D.C.
M: I see. Tell me about this. Looks like you worked really hard on it.
P: I didn’t have to. I’ve seen Ruxing D.C. It’s like kind of a wolf and kind of a coyote. The best kind of dog.
M: I see. Ruxing D.C.
P: No. Rexing D.C.
M: Right. A wolf kind of coyote kind of dog.
P: Right. My friend Rexing D.C. He’s like my superhero powers.

Um, okeedokee. There you have it. A map of  a picture of a canine friend that offers superhero powers.

Maybe my super power could be getting through the rest of preschool with my budding storyteller/coyote/superhero/dog nation’s capitol.

Surviving Rexington D.C.

Coming this summer from somewhere north of Hollywood.


6 thoughts on “Superhero powers

  1. Hey, as long as we’re talking superpowers of canines, make sure Rex scoops his own poop. And Mighty Dog needs a new spokesdog…. that unleash the mighty in your dog! Maybe the superdog can help you move furniture.

  2. Hey, jc, that opens up so many possibilities. Maybe the superdog can get an endorsement deal and pay for my doctoral studies while I ship his human counterpart off to school with kids who seem to have been raised by wolves. Rexington D.C. saves the day!

  3. Love the ever-shifting pronunciation. Kind of like when people say some medieval word at conference presentations but pronounce it different ways within the same paragraph just to cover all the bases… ;)

  4. Ink, it’s my favorite part of his fantasy world. Word play usually keeps drifting in one direction and words morph into new ones. The back and forth of Rexing, Ruxing, Rexington makes me think this wolf is real. :)

    Melissa, watch it nothing. You have a starring role as the mentor of the rabbit himself, off on his own rabbit trails. :)

  5. Seriously, this kid has inherited the talent of his mother…Besides, the tales of Rexington, DC would beat any of the crap Hollywood is dishing out these days…No wonder I don’t go to the movies or watch TV anymore…

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