The first box is packed and I have a cut from the cardboard.

Poor prioritization means taxes have been submitted but journal articles haven’t.

Two bouts of flu in three weeks and I am now afraid of food.

Peanut is funny and defiant. Butter calls everything he likes a dog or a vacuum.

And they both run in different directions now.

Game on.

6 thoughts on “Blink

  1. Welcome to my world! I agree with jc. You need to set up some invisible webs, a la Spiderman…or grow some seriously LONG arms…

    By the way, 2 bouts of the flu in three weeks is about seven kinds of wrong. I am SO sorry! Have you been taking your probiotic like a good girl?

  2. At 9 and 6, I have yet to figure out how to steer my girls in the same direction…sigh.

    And no more flu for you!!

  3. I’m tired just imagining the running in different directions, especially weakened by post-flu status. You need a spa day. And a magic wand.

  4. Barriers and containment devices. Necessary evils. Until, of course, you catch your 2-year-old swinging from the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Then the barrier becomes negligence and you’re basically screwed.

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