Decorum, please.

Look, sweetness, you’re cute, but you’re not that cute.

I know you’re less upset about puking than I am upset about being puked on, but we’re both doing pretty well, considering.

So would you mind not playing in it, please? We have to be a tiny bit less okay with puke everywhere, mmmkay? Let’s be the family that moves on after vomit sessions, shall we?

Thanks ever so very.

12 thoughts on “Decorum, please.

  1. Oh my….Nothing is worse than a sick baby, except a sick baby that loves to play in its own vomit that happens to be on his mother.

    Hope the crud moves on quickly and affects no one else in your home…

  2. Ugh. Vomit. One of my least favorite things about being a mom…
    at least the kids don’t try to eat it, the way my dog does…upchuck and down the hatch again.

  3. @all He’s not sick, and I’m thinking, since it’s only three times in a week, but also only three times in his life, he might be allergic to a new food.

    @Brotherly yup, that’s the one I got, too.
    @faemom, I know. ;-)
    @Yuliya, our cats, too. Horrifying.
    @Shawna, sorry you’re in it (deeper than we are, I’m guessing). Feel better.
    @Macondo, thanks
    @Maria, nobody else, thankfully. And three times in a week…it could be much worse.
    @MacDougal, at least it’s not diaper art, right?

  4. Yes, you do have a “vomit magnet” and you also have a vomit stirrer. To complete the set, you’ll need a vomit blender or a vomit grill.

  5. Sorry about the puke. At least he does not freak out. Really. You will come to appreciate such mental fortitude in a puking child since the last thing you want is a freaked-out puking child…

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