Turn your head and laugh

For the first time in a long while, my Monday jaunt to the local produce mecca was a solo venture. I usually walk or run there, with at least one child, so I’m limited in time and volume—I can only buy what I can bring home in the stroller and only what I can grab before one or both lose their patience with obscure veggies.

So I brought home a lot more than I normally would have, including selections from the bulk bins. Grains, beans, nuts. And I let Peanut try several before dinner. Raw peanuts, spicy pumpkin seeds, tamari sunflower seeds, cinnamon almonds.

And while I washed and peeled and cored and sliced, P was making a mess.

“Peanut, please, please, please. I know you’re a wiggly guy, but can you please eat and then go play? It’s important to me that you don’t play with your food because of the mess it makes.”

“Mom, it’s just really important to me that I play with my nuts. Because it’s important to me.”

I did a double take before I realized he meant the almonds.

I know that some day soon (next year, according to a mom with three boys) he will mean what I thought he meant. Until then, I still laughed really hard. Because I am a fourth grade boy at heart.

11 thoughts on “Turn your head and laugh

  1. Yay for shopping alone! And ooh, how I miss bulk bins.

    When Monster was 3 he had nothing more important to do than playing with himself. For a few months he enjoyed it so much that he actually cheerfully accepted going to sleep by himself because he would ‘play’ himself to sleep. Now, of course, we’re back to having to lie in bed with him, basically playing dead for an hour or so, before we can sneak away.

  2. Did he ask why you were laughing? Whenever this happens to me (because apparently we have the same maturity level) my kids want to know why I’m laughing hysterically & I have to come up with something other than “Mama has a naughty mind, kids. A naughty, immature mind.”

  3. OMG, my fourteen year old son said those exact words to me the other day! Ok, he didn”t say it, but I could tell it was what he was thinking.

  4. OMG… had a really weird experience this morning. Eldest got into bed with us and started doing push-ups and making weird grunting noises. Hubby was like, “WHAT are you doing??” And I said, “Eldest, are you doing push-ups?” He said, “Yeah, I’m a super hero! I can do push-ups!” He’d seen it on Super Hero Squad, on an episode when they were training. But hubby thought he might have caught us in an intimate moment last night without us knowing. Uh… how would we NOT know that?? Anyway. It was a really crazy, funny moment.

  5. Ah, boys. It’s only funny for a time. My 4 year old loves to make his penis ‘big’ in the bath and then call the unsupervising (don’t dob us in) parents in, exclaiming ‘Look how MASSIVE my penis is!’. Hard not to laugh.

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