Ode to Six Months

Oh, how I love this age.

The excitement of being able to follow a pointing finger. The thrill of having clean sheets flapped over your delicious little head. The shock of new flavors as you finally get to taste those things other people eat.

The sitting, the rocking on all fours trying to crawl, the babbling, the laughter, the unadulterated joy of bathtime, the more deliberate efforts at making needs known…and the cuteness. Oh, my the cuteness.

Ah, six months.

Even the hard bits are easy because this age is so wonderful. Six months was a welcome eye in the storm with Peanut that allowed me to appreciate him rather than constantly struggle to keep from drowning.

And Butter is just as delightful at six months, which reinforces how much I adore this age. He won’t play alone much, but he will sit on the kitchen floor and play with his dearest love—the metal colander—long enough for me to chop one vegetable. That’s more than I could chop for the first five months of his life. He doesn’t sleep well because he’s teething, but he’s awake a lot less than Peanut was through his teething year. Butter has such a temper, and its perfectly adorable because what he gets mad about, usually, is gravity. And what fixes is it cuddling me.

Sign me up, six months, for I’m willing to accept those terms.

Dear, sweet six months. No separation anxiety yet. No social frustrations yet. No struggle to individuate. Yet. No talking, no walking, no chasing the cat, no refusing to do what Mama asks, no hitting, no coloring the carpet, no whining, no demanding, no slamming doors. No nuances. Six months is just adorable, cooing, babbling, drooling, nuzzling infant perfection.

Gotta go. Teething means he’s up every hour all night the past two nights. Isn’t that adorable?

11 thoughts on “Ode to Six Months

  1. It is a lovely time. Immobility is very, very attractive. And immobility plus emerging personality? Seductive stuff.

    Ah, the charms of the metal colander. I have a tiny powder blue one that’s so cute you practically coo when you see it.

  2. I swear Aidan is my favorite child, but that’s only because he’s too little to cause much trouble. Now if only he would nap.

  3. There are days when I wish we could go back to 6 months. Then I remember how thrilled I am to be out of diapers so I take the whining and obnoxious behavior. Everything has a payoff I suppose…

  4. Oh, six months! When they start to become people instead of the adorable little blobs that eat, cry and poop! When they start waking up to the world.

    How I miss it! But how nice it is to be where we are now!

    Enjoy that sweet Butter!

  5. I LOVE six months too. It’s just the perfect age. Now that our baby is nearing 10 months and crawling faster than I can think, it’s crazy around here. But oh, that sixth month was a dream! Enjoy it while it lasts.

  6. I love six months too, even the middle of the night cuddles :)

    Though I am adoring my (all) potty trained children right now. There is something to be said for their amazing independance and nearly perfect communication skills.

    This post made me smile, thanks.

  7. I’m with you on this, though a couple of months behind. My boy is 4 months, but my God I could gobble him and his entire-face smiles, cackles and slobbers all up. Is there a pause button that anyone’s invented? This time around I’m certainly in no hurry to get to the more mobile and actual talking stage. That’s when the battles begin…(thank you, dear preschooler).

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