13 thoughts on “Memorized, categorized, internalized

  1. Honey, that is so lovely. Now go read more of that Franzen novel and consider doing a swan dive off the Golden Gate bridge. OK…don’t do that. Enjoy the Chee! I love you, love you, love you. Step away from the Franzen.

  2. jc that sounds delightful. But it’s been in the 80s here, so that would be painful. You bundle up and drink in my cozy moment. Guessing applesauce moments never happen in the lab.

  3. Nice. Cooler weather is coming in, and will make it even nicer when this happens next time. :)

    I love October — even when it’s warm. There’s just something comfy about it that puts me in a good mood. (Of course, when I’m away from school, I feel that way. When I’m in class, I keep thinking – what is it about October that makes students such dippy jerk-offs?)

  4. I can see those smiles. I can feel the buttery October sun.

    And the relief in knowing that these moments crystallize in our memories, don’t they?

    They help us remember who we are, and why we do this, day in and day out.

    Breathe deeply indeed, friend!

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