7 thoughts on “Sauerkraut and toadstool sandwiches

  1. how odd. I was just thinking of my aunt today who looooves sauerkraut but she’s too old to cook anymore (lives in a nursing home). So I looked up recipes for it. GROSS. I had no idea it was fermented cabbage. No wonder it stinks. I’m not making it for her. phbtbbtbbt.

  2. You’re just delightful creatures, is what you are.
    @jc sauerkraut is nasty. Make grandma some cookies.
    @Melissa at least you’re not nauseated any more because I’d hate to send you over the edge with this crappy day.
    @Kitch, you know I want tasty salted pig parts. or at least the shirt.
    @Ink aw, well, butter makes everything better, right?
    @Maria that is the best Rx I’ve heard all week.
    @Jane I thought you were off the crack juice. Are you so giving that you’d offer me that which you want but no longer imbibe? That’s magnanimous, friend.

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