How the mighty fall

Peanut today declared, “Butter is my best, so he gets three stickers. Mommy, you’re my second best, so you get two stickers. Cat One is my third best, so he gets one sticker. And Daddy is my last, so he gets zero stickers.”

Spouse was miffed about being last until he realized Cat Two didn’t make the list at all. I was honored to come in second to a delicious baby, and knew it was my renewed efforts at being a damned decent parent that got me top billing and a couple of sparkly dolphin stickers.

Then, after lunch, I told Peanut, “Finish up playing, and in a little while we’ll have nap.”

“Daddy!” he called. “You’re third now, and Mommy’s last. Do you want her stickers?”

16 thoughts on “How the mighty fall

  1. That’s what you get for gloating! See what happens when you try to pull rank? What a character! Thanks for a good laugh!

  2. If I were your spouse, I’d be like, “Awesome. I don’t have to carry these stickers around on my lapel until he forgets about it. Nothing to worry about. Cool.” You know Butter is going to be wearing those stickers until he’s out of diapers.

  3. He’s Sergeant Sticker!
    You better get your ass in gear lady. OR NO STICKERS FOR YOU. Hup, 2, 3, 4, HUP, 2, 3, 4.

  4. Ahhh yes, I rememeber those days. Enjoy them, because in the eyes of the 14 year old, not only am I totally uncool, but apparently I learned nothing at Cal, because I know nothing! To that I say, “Great! I’m done saving for your college education and going on an awesome vacation…by myself!”

  5. @Organic, timely question…Cat Two chose Peanut’s bed as the litterbox when he got sick last year…if kept up and we kept trying to get Peanut to keep his door closed. Way too much to ask of a three year old. He once woke up screaming at 4am (last year) because he shifted in his bed and wound up with a handful of cat poop.
    Eventually we moved Cat Two into the garage and saved our relationship with Peanut. But he hates that cat. I love him and hate him.
    Cat Two died today and Peanut says he’s happy. Can’t blame the guy.

  6. HA HA HA! I suspect that we fluctuate in their lists all the time, depending upon what we just said.

    Last night, I gave Eldest a present and he said, “Mom, now I REALLY love you.” Apparently, before, it was just words. ;)

  7. @Maria I know…he’s pretty funny.
    @Jane I *shined* in my two hours of glory
    @Kitch me, too. Me, too.
    @Fie you know the age too well.
    @jc That’s the way they motivate in office environments all over the country, right? Stickers?
    @Pander I have to pretend I don’t like the stickers and wait him out. Cuz I’m already Pavlovian for glitter.
    @subWOW You’re not kidding.
    @ck when One and Pea get married it’s going to be fun to watch.
    @Jenn the Great the problem of course is the other two listening to how you know nothing. They’ll repeat it at 13 and 11, respectively.
    @letmestart I think so, too.
    @Average Hey, I earned these sti…oh, he says I have to give them to you.
    @jc Exactly my sentiments. Poor kitty. Unacceptable, Kitty.
    @Ink hilarious. makes you feel good about spending so much time and energy, right? “Here’s what they had at the dollar store” would have worked just as well.

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