Interview with Butter

Welcome, readers, to today’s feature interview: a discussion with the newest reason I can only write at naptime. Without further ado, I give you Butter.*

Me: Good morning, Butterbean.
B: Thththththeeee.
M: Really? Is that what you’re planning to do today?
B: Aaaaaaaaaaah. Glue.
M: Glue? Glue what?
B: Aaaahhhyyyyy noodle.
M: Glue noodles? That’s very crafty of you.
B: [smiles]
M: Where did you learn pasta arts?
B: Ggggggggerhard.
M: Gerhard Schroeder? Is that what he’s up to these days?
B: Aaaaaaaah. Thhhhhthhhtheeee.
M: I think it’s Angela Merkel, but a lot of world has passed me by lately.
B: Ghee.
M: That’s right, Butter. You happened.
B: Ghee.
M: Mmmm-hmmm. Clarified butter. Ghee.
B: Aaaaaaaah ghee.
M: Let’s not get too full of ourselves, here, B. You’re new.
B: Kkkkkkkkglue.
M: Right. Thanks for the course correct: onto projects. I had you scheduled for tummy time, music time, chewing stuff time, staring at shadows time, and napping, but if you want to glue, I can roll with that.
B: Ghee. Aaaaaaah ghee.
M: Yes, well, you’re cute, but let’s not go overboard. You’re a baby. Babies aren’t that interesting.
B: Aaaaaaaahhhhhyyyyyyy.
M: You are? Maybe.

*Posts such as this are why stay-at-home mom writers should not be given Internet access. I’ll probably delete it later, out of sheer embarrassment. But the fact that you read this far means at least that you’re as desperate for entertainment as I am.

Also? This is the actual conversation we had this morning, Butter and I. So now who’s a little desperate?
Oh, yeah. Still me.

12 thoughts on “Interview with Butter

  1. I’ve had more than one conversation like this with my own brood. I did not know most people didn’t do this, until I saw the faces of people in response to witnessed such a convo.

    I think its fabulous that he’s already expressing himself so elequently. The Baby Whisperer can suck it.

  2. Don’t feel bad, Nap. Sometimes, I am the one uttering monosyllables and everyone around me is trying to make sense of what I am saying…I’d say you are in pretty good company;)

  3. As soon as I read this, I had a similar conversation with baby. Infants are a delight to converse with. :)

  4. Kitch, who cares what he wants. I want to go back to Dosa. And I NEED more pepitas.

    j, ain’t it the truth.

    Fie, it’s fun. I say lots of boring things in a singsong voice and feel all adorable. Nobody finds me adorable but infants, so I love the feedback.

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