Evil genius

At lunch over the weekend:

Peanut: Mom, you know: you can be not nice at my school.
Me: Really?
P: Yup. You just have to do it and quickly run to the next room. Because the grownups have to stay in their area and won’t follow you to tell you about being nice.
M: [blink. blink. blink.]
P: The teachers will follow, though, so you have to chose a no-teacher room.
M: [wide-eyed, forgetting to blink…]

It took him six months to expose the flaw of our Bev Bos inspired preschool.

I really hope he uses his powers for good some day.

10 thoughts on “Evil genius

  1. maybe if he wears his bad hat in childhood, he’ll tire of its tedium, and pursue only good hats in adulthood? he’s definitely not stupid! sounds like he’s figured out pretty much any workplace situation, as well as his crunchy preschool. kudos, nut of the pea! at least he’s not plotting your demise, dreaming of your shoe closet…

  2. Ink, sure, if the superhero is Jerk Boy and his sidekick Defiance Girl.
    j, they’re not plotting your demise. Beenie just has very specific and practical plans for your footwear postmordem. See? Not devious, just prepared.

    • ck: small consolation
      tkw: clearly with the GOP
      mim: we do that a bit…”let’s play a trick on Daddy. While he’s not looking, quickly get dressed and he’ll get really angry he couldn’t help.” Nothing like fostering your kid’s dark side.

  3. Peanut sounds like the kid my Monster always chooses to be his best friend. He is the permanent sidekick and partner in crime to the real masterminds. Sounds like Peanut has a real knack for it. Perhaps you could give him subversively good missions, like wash all the dishes without any of the grownups finding out…

  4. I think Lex Luthor had a similar pre school experience! I hope he goes for the “I’m family” line!

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