Babka in the computer

I told you I couldn’t type with friendmade babka in the house. Computer took offense and took a header off the curb of my insanity-lined writing path. Having no ‘pooter is tough on the blogging.

‘Tis amusing reading your comments re: the babka-fest, though, via phone. What a string of privileged, upper-middle, first-world bullshit probs, eh? “Hard to type one-handed on my ‘pooter-surrogate phone while bouncing sling baby on yoga ball and wolfing down chocolate babka.”

Boo hoo to me.

11 thoughts on “Babka in the computer

  1. Sorry, pooter! Hugs! Feel better soon!

    And we are sad until you return, Nap. No pressure or anything…

  2. “What a string of privileged, upper-middle, first-world bullshit probs, eh?” Well put. I often feel the same way after I complain about something… No worries. I know where your heart is.

  3. Not related, but I am in my Local Pretentious Coffeeshop right now and just noticed they have a copy of “2666” displayed next to “Cheeses of France” and something about dissent and class struggle. Made me think of you!

    P.S. Do you have general Bolano-thoughts? OK, stupid question, I am sure you do–would you share some general Bolano-thoughts? From the tone of your “2666” posts I get the impression that reading Bolano is a pretty laborious slog–do you think it is a worthwhile one? I have been hearing recommendations lately and the first thing I always think is “No way, Nap is suffering enough for both of us!”

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