Babka in the computer

I told you I couldn’t type with friendmade babka in the house. Computer took offense and took a header off the curb of my insanity-lined writing path. Having no ‘pooter is tough on the blogging.

‘Tis amusing reading your comments re: the babka-fest, though, via phone. What a string of privileged, upper-middle, first-world bullshit probs, eh? “Hard to type one-handed on my ‘pooter-surrogate phone while bouncing sling baby on yoga ball and wolfing down chocolate babka.”

Boo hoo to me.

11 thoughts on “Babka in the computer

  1. “What a string of privileged, upper-middle, first-world bullshit probs, eh?” Well put. I often feel the same way after I complain about something… No worries. I know where your heart is.

  2. Not related, but I am in my Local Pretentious Coffeeshop right now and just noticed they have a copy of “2666” displayed next to “Cheeses of France” and something about dissent and class struggle. Made me think of you!

    P.S. Do you have general Bolano-thoughts? OK, stupid question, I am sure you do–would you share some general Bolano-thoughts? From the tone of your “2666” posts I get the impression that reading Bolano is a pretty laborious slog–do you think it is a worthwhile one? I have been hearing recommendations lately and the first thing I always think is “No way, Nap is suffering enough for both of us!”

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