Arrested by the babka

Should be writing you amusing and insightful ramblings about my sheltered, pointless little life.

But I’ve been given homemade chocolate babka by the Sweet Angel of Postpardum High Calorie Care.

I have nothing more to say because I can’t type and lick chocolate babka off the computer at the same time.

10 thoughts on “Arrested by the babka

  1. Now I want babka! Didn’t your mom ever teach you that you’re only allowed to gloat about food on your blog if you brought enough to share?

  2. Babka is an awesome efficient delivery system for chocolate. Angels are another awesome efficient delivery system for chocolate. DOUBLE WIN!

  3. Yeah…chocolate does that to me too. I never even liked it before giving birth. And now? I crave it like I’m pregnant. Please direct that Angel to my house.

  4. There is nothing wrong with the bliss good chocolate ANYTHING can bring to you…no need to apologize, just indulge for the rest of us!

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