and so it goes…

TKW posted a delightful cookie recipe on her bloggety blog. And I read it, during the newborn’s reliable morning nap while the bigger kid was at school and thought, you know what seems like some massive self loving right now? Homemade cookies.

So I looked over the recipe. “No problem. I even have eggs. I boiled some yesterday, but…oh crap. I boiled some yesterday and they’re still on the stove. Gross. Wasteful and gross and now fuck the cookies I’m taking a shower.”

And with that, delicious newborn work up and tried to eat his Moses basket and I relented to the reality that is my world for a while. But I’m making those cookies this afternoon, with bigger kid the baking partner from my dreams, while grandma cuddles the little “if it ain’t made of warm, human flesh, I won’t sleep on it” smartest dude in the house.

Know what? I didn’t even cry. Not at losing the “baking in peace” moment or the hardboiled protein or the shower. Didn’t even think of crying.

Look at me, all bright-side of things and silver lining-ish and perspective-y. Must be the hormones.

8 thoughts on “and so it goes…

  1. Oh, it is the little things in life that make us feel as though we are making progress, isn’t it?

    As for I won’t sleep on anything that doesn’t resemble human flesh, can you blame him? If they smell so irresistable to us, we must smell like a milk factory (’cause we are) to them, no?

    Glad to know that you are feeling better!

  2. I laughed at your boiled eggs until I realized that I need to buy some of your bright-sided, silver lining-ish perspective. Do you take MasterCard?

  3. Boiled eggs rendering eggs useless for baking. Yup. That could be a huge letdown. Have you experienced wooden eggs in your egg tray and real eggs in your child’s toy bin? Yup. That could be messy and hilarious when you think about it later. ;-)

    So happy for your silver-lined moments. Best ones!

  4. Wow – you didn’t cry? I would have cried, probably. You’re my hero!

  5. I hope for you the silver lining eventually included cookies:) TKW kicks ass so I’m guessing they were everything including delicious and a little help from Peanut is never a bad thing:) Here’s to grandma’s everywhere that LOVE holding sleeping babes:)

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