Bolano’s 2666 quote of the week (11)

Ah, the Crimes. Bye bye, crimes. What I have gleaned from your voluminous horror is that life is nasty, brutish, and short, and that while we devalue women and throw the in the trash in death, we spend not one moment thinking about their lives in the maquiladores. We benefit from the economic system in which they are disposable, and then we are horrified when they are disposed.

Good, good times, international economy.

And while the violence against men is much more frequent, we hole it up in prisons and boxing matches, creating a compartmentalized culture of viciousness that we then shug off and romanticize. Raping and murdering women is somehow both terrible and ignorable, while raping and murdering men is at once terrible and expected.

Good, good times, penal system. Panopticon, indeed. Fetishizing gaze and violence…yeehaw.

Finally, in the congresswoman’s story, we get to the center of at least one of the murders…actual investigation, revelations, seedy underbelly of a culture. But even that ends without resolution, unsatisfactorily.


“Every life, Epifanio said that night to Lalo Cura, no matter how happy it is, ends in pain and suffering. That depends, said Lalo Cura. Depends on what, champ? On lots of things, said Lalo Cura. Say you’re shot in the back of the head, for example, and you don’t hear the motherfucker come up behind you, then you’re off to the next world, no pain, no suffering. Goddamn kid, said Epifanio. Have you ever been shot in the back of the head?” (511).

2 thoughts on “Bolano’s 2666 quote of the week (11)

  1. Ok, I read this on my phone and want to know how the hell are you able to read something this complex with as much sleep as you’re getting. I have to stick to magazines, short stories, or teenage fiction or I just read the same page over and over trying to figure it all out.

  2. Fae, I got way farther into the book than the group read schedule knowing that I wouldn’t read much when Hazelnut was new. So I’ve been coasting for three weeks, writing posts about whatever I’ve noted in the margins.
    I have another couple of weeks before I need to read again, though I have tackled about 10 pages in the past week.
    Remember when I told you I figured baby was late because it was waiting for me to move the desk or clean out the garage or some unknown task? He actually showed up when I announced “baby’s not going to come until I finish this book.” It’s 900+ pages. He just wasn’t up to waiting *that* long. ;-)

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