it’s all relative

Which is harder: parenting one or two? In the first week home, two is harder. But I can, honestly see that will change.

Which is harder: labor or parenting? Hands down, parenting is harder. Labor is on my terms, in my head, and following my rhythms. Parenting is a clusterf*&# on someone else’s schedule, hostage to their demands, and in the service of exactly the opposite of what I want and am good at. Plus, labor was 47 hours. Parenting is 47 years.

Which was rougher: C-section or VBAC? The surgery. Scary and debilitating. Healing is a toss up, only because of the 5 hours of pushing a 14 1/2 inch head wedged under a pubic bone and resulting vacuum. But surgery much less my cup of tea than the VBAC, even with aforementioned 47-hour protracted vacation from parenting.

Which wears on you more: sleep deprivation or four-year old tantrums? The former went on for three years with Peanut, so tired is old news. The tantrums are legendary—nay, cataclysmic—and much more draining.

Who’s cuter? Gasp. How could you ask that? Of COURSE the one who is not screaming at any given moment is the cutest.

Which came first, chicken or egg? Egg, clearly. Some not-quite-chicken lays slightly mutated egg that gives rise to actual chicken. Yes, mama was necessary, but egg was first at being chicken.

When will you posts be interesting again? Not any time soon, sad to say.

8 thoughts on “it’s all relative

  1. I agree that parenting two is easier than one. You made all the mistakes with the first one, and have a second chance to do it right with the first. We are also faster on recognizing what two is up to because we already went through that with one. More relaxed.

  2. I may sound like a broken record, but in my head I think natural labour is harder. (being someone who had two cs and was thankful that the choice was taken from me.) I’m not sure I could have done it…..honestly.

  3. I’m 100% sure you are interesting today, tomorrow, and soon after. We can also ooh and aah over more cutie pie pics. Those are 1000+ words.

    Happy Bunny Day.

  4. “When will your posts be interesting again?” – Your posts are so interesting to me – sleep deprivation be damned!

  5. THIS one is very interesting. Please do keep at it. If not for anything else, it will be a great outlet! Besides, what are you going to do when you are awake with the baby? May as well write! ;-)

  6. Oh, darling. It’ll get easier. You’ll fall into a rhythm. Though it sucks because you can’t sleep when the baby sleeps now; you just pray for a miracle where naps coinside.

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