Oh, bless you, child.

Me: What should we have for dinner?
P: Crunchy carrots, cheese stick, and apple. [Runs into the other room. Runs back.] Cheese stick is our protein for tonight.

On behalf of all parents who like dinner that can be sliced and plated in three minutes, thank you, Peanut.

(He is now galloping through the house, chanting “I gallop, I gallop, I gallop, I fall down.” And does. Good heavens, if someone told me there’s be a funny, easy, self-entertaining phase with this child, even if it only lasts a day, I would have been a lot less stressed the past four years. Talk about calm before the storm, eh?)

14 thoughts on “Oh, bless you, child.

  1. Diego is currently living off of cheese sticks, fruit, and tortillas.

    Meanwhile, I just wanted to say that I agree with you about what you wrote re: Coco. (I left you a comment on my bloggy, but I thought it worth repeating here. Feel free to delete after reading if you wish.) If Delilah doesn’t shape up, she needs a new place to live. It’s not Coco’s fault that Delilah is a meanie. On the other hand, I tend to overdramatize everything in my writing and I may have played up Delilah’s Queen of Evil role too much. For a couple of days there, it actually looked like they were going to settle in together, but then Delilah began to return to her wicked ways. I’m very sorry if I offended you. I feel like an ass now because nobody needs to be so terrorized that it gives them rotten chacha. That’s for sure. Anyway, I’m glad you stood up for Coco. And just for the record, I’m not in favor of any animal living in an uncomfortable situation. I hope that they work things out in a way that is good for all of them.

  2. Okay, subwow, Kitch, and Maria: let’s be real…he knows the eight or so proteins that he’ll eat because I harp constantly on his need for protein. And when he proposes having pudding for a meal, he knows he wins if he can name a protein to go with it. Sunflower seeds are often the choice lately, and those are even easier to plate.
    Organic, I wasn’t offended at all. I just believe in Coco’s right to live in peace. We’re having a seriously troubled cat issue here and we’re trying to make a really tough choice about it and I don’t have the guts, so it’s easier said than done to make Delilah clean up her act.

  3. Naptime, Thanks so much for understanding. I’m glad you aren’t offended. I think my post was confusing. I’m way too much of a drama queen sometimes in my writing. Meanwhile, I really hope your cat issues get sorted out. Big hugs to you and your kitty. You are such a sweet and caring person. I adore you.

  4. “Cheese stick is our protein for the night” = me imagining Peanut all dressed up like a waiter, reciting the specials. He rocks.

  5. Harping works! I am so pleased to have an ally in this world!

    My daughter is currently into asking, innocently (?) about nerds, M and M’s and honey sticks: “this is protein, right?” Wrong! Eat yer beans and rice kid!

    • BloginSong, I’m not sure about Nerds, though. They’re mostly gravel and sugar, so that is…what…bird seed, which must have protein. Peanut often insists that his protein will be pudding because I’ve made the mistake of cooking with the little wanker, and he knows it has milk and eggs. Never mind the predominance of sugar…

    • Ink and Falling, you’re hilarious. He *does* do a British accent when he’s feeling cheeky, but the cheese didn’t apparently warrant his best King’s English.

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