Not really. Really?

Wanna know why social networking is not the downfall of society? My brother found a woman’s wallet and keys on the DC metro and sent her a facebook friend request to try to get them back to her. She accepted a week or so later and is now overjoyed to have her stuff back, several states and an area code away.

Wanna know why social networking is the downfall of society? Because now even more f—ing people think my brother is the world’s best human and I have no way to subvert that perception. I mean, who comes off as the petulant a–hole for claiming the whole thing was a hoax and he’s just doing facebook p.r.? Exactly.

7 thoughts on “Not really. Really?

  1. This had me laughing out loud! Truer words were never spoken! –and I don’t even know your brother – but I totally get what you’re saying. People think amazing things about my husband all the time, now that they’re “friends” on Facebook with him.

  2. Hahahahaha!! Sibling rivalry. At its best. And no I would never ever make my sister eat catfood to impress a babysitter. Or send her out onto a shallow pond in our backyard atop a green sled that didn’t float. Never. Ever. Not at all.

    Okay. Maybe I did.

    But just once.

  3. The problem is, the bastard’s a great guy. Like charming and funny and smart and actually takes strangers’ wallets and fb friends them to get them their stuff back. Infuriating bullshit like that. I just couldn’t leave it at a post lauding the guy, when there’s probably already a facebook group dedicated to praising the f—er, who clearly brings out the Yosemite Sam in me, if only in comparison.

    • Oh, subWOW, it was genuine. He really did find the stuff and locate the lady and send it back. I’m just the jealous sibling grousing at the accolades. Or, really, the sibling who had nothing to post, thought the story was cool, then realized that gave him more accolades. ;-)

  4. Nice try, Naptime. You are just as sweet as your brother. Don’t try to pretend you wouldn’t have done the same thing. We know better.

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