Passive aggressive notes

A huge thanks to FYM for pointing me to even though they have expanded their repertoire to include blatantly aggressive notes that are not even a little passive.

Exactly the procrastination I was looking for today. Yay!

Some faves include
the shoeless child
the effective note
grandma’s horror
and proper urinal etiquette.

7 thoughts on “Passive aggressive notes

  1. I have long been a fan of that site. It makes me laugh so hard that I get teary.

    Just the thing you need right now, with rampant hormones coursing through your body. If you can read it without laughing until you cry, I bow to you. Seriously. Because when I was 9 months along, I happily cried at the sight of, like, a twinkly ray of sunshine. When I wasn’t scowling and growling and wanting to slap people who annoyed me in the face, that is.

    By the way, I had a feeling last night that it’s almost time. Is it almost time? Anything going on over there?

  2. LOL That was AWESOME.
    On a side note, my aunt showed us a picture of my uncle’s newest bumper sticker that was put on his car one day by a stranger. It read “I park like an idiot” with a picture of a car diagonally parked in regular spaces. Apparently my uncle deserved it and my aunt concurred.

    • Falling, I do know about
      I had it on the blog roll for a while and, honestly, found it so infuriating that I had to remove it. I just can’t stand the misuse, even when pointed out by people who know it’s misuse. Reading that site is like living with a literal-Bible 14,000 year creationist. Just can’t do it.

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