15 thoughts on “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to four we go…

  1. Awesomest. Cake. Ever. I dream about animals and fruit on clouds too.

    I don’t know what he’s gonna whack in those bushes, but dude, your stripey outfit will scare the vermin away! Camo next time!

  2. Fantastic pictures. As much as Peanut drives you completely mad, he is also clearly a darling and wonderful little guy.

    Also, assuming that is Spouse with him, he has nice calves.

  3. Awwww – this is so sweet! I just finished putting together a few pics from MY baby’s birthday day for a future post. Love your/his cake – decorated with wild abandon – such is the life of a 4 yr. old!

  4. Thanks, all!
    TKW, you should see him on a scooter.
    jc, that’s the new croquet set. Camo is a great idea but he prefers it in pink, which will hide him only against the cake.
    Melissa and Maria—thanks!
    Dan, you should see the rest of the legs. Yum.
    ck, they went climbing this enormous rock and I couldn’t bear to look so I didn’t adjust the camera’s settings. Glad my terror granted such a shot.
    Jane, that cake is all him. He measured and mixed, I baked. Took 45 minutes to carefully place each piece of “my best”. Fresh berries and gummy slugs. And candy dolphins and cows. And the best frosting we’ve ever made. Looked like a Willy Wonka garden vomited on a pink cloud.

  5. catching up on recent posts (um, do you HAVE to be so prolific?). got a little misty-eyed reading this one. i heart that boy.
    care package should be landing on your doorstep sometime today…

  6. Oh my GAWSH that cake is the bomb. Makes me want one NOW!

    I am a sentimental fool, with two 3 and a half year olds, therefore these photos brought tears to my eyes. So precious, wild and beautiful. Crazy. Fast.

    • The frosting is easy, y’all.
      8oz organic cream cheese. 16 oz organic powdered sugar. Beat with hand blender until smooth. Add as much organic rasberry jam (with seeds) as you like. I did about 1/2 C.
      That. is. it.
      Cake I will choose a different recipe next time. It was just the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook yellow cake recipe, and their directions overwork the gluten and make a chewy nasty cake. Without overbeating it’s too dense. So I’ll find a different recipe next time. My favorite is the Moosewood 6 minute chocolate cake recipe, but he didn’t want chocolate. Clearly a pod toddler because Spouse and I are whores for the chocolate.

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